Levels of Jikiden Reiki®

First Degree Western Reiki System

The basic level or the first degree is concerned with healing self and others by laying hands on them and directly healing the aura and the charkas. This workshop generally takes upto two days

First Level Workshop Program

  • Reiki one attunements, once every day
  • Some simple Reiki meditations
  • Some basic and advance techniques to heal the Charkas and the Aura
  • Reiki self healing
  • Healing others with Reiki one
  • Some visualization techniques for creating reality in accordance with Divine harmony
  • A long detailed discussion on the five Reiki principles. (These are really very important because they will help us to live a more peaceful and happy life)
  • Scanning the aura for diseases and cleaning it.
  • Ways of perceiving subtle energy.
  • A detail discussion about the aura, the charkas and how our emotions affect them and the physical body.

Second Degree Western Reiki System

At this level three energy keys or the Reiki symbols are taught to use Reiki more consciously and effectively. These symbols help us to take Reiki beyond space and time,

Second Level Workshop Program

  • Heal mental issues and intensify and focus the amount of energy available to you.
  • Various ways of healing and meditating with the symbols.
  • Cleansing spaces with the symbols.
  • Distance healing
  • A technique to heal the mind .
  • To remove bad habits and phobias.
  • Energetic and psychic protection.
  • Ways in which one can grow as a reiki channel.

Please note. Crystals are not a part of the original Usui system and do not generally discuss without being asked , but if required ways of cleansing and energizing them can be discussed.


Third Degree Western Reiki System

This level is what is generally referred to as the mastership (only goodness knows why)
And is concerned with learning to pass attunements and teaching Reiki .It should only be undertaken by those who wish to follow the path of Reiki teaching.

By invitation only.

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