Levels in Jikiden Reiki ®


SHODEN : 1st level 

OKUDEN : 2nd level

SHIHAN-KAKU : The Assistant Teacher can teach Shoden level only 

SHIHAN : The Teacher can teach both Shoden & Okuden level

DAI-SHIHAN : Teachers can teach Shihan-kaku level


 The workshop is divided into two levels:

  1. Shoden (Level 1) – 2 or 3 Days Workshop
  2. Okuden (Level 2) – 1 or 2 Days Workshop


Please find the details below:-


Jikiden Reiki Seminar Curriculum


Day 1, Shoden part 1


The History of Reiki. Usui Sensei’s (venerable teacher) background, etc.

The Background of Jikiden Reiki

The Yamaguchis personal Reiki history as taught by Hayashi Sensei and Mr.Wasaburo Sugano (Chiyoko Yamaguchi’s uncle- Dr. Hayashi’s organizer).

Chiyoko Sensei’s life.

The 4 main Objects of holding Jikiden Reiki seminars

The meaning of the Gokai (the 5 Reiki- Principles).

 The current situation of Reiki in Japan

 Reiju (attunements)

Reiki Mawashi (Reiki current)

Reiki group- practice. All participants give and receive Reiki.


Day 2, Shoden Part 2


Chant the Gokai and Reiju

Reiki Mawashi

Review of day 1


Kokai Denju (Usui Sensei’s notes) Usui Sensei’s thoughts on Reiki.

The byosen symbol. How and when to use it. Explanation of its meaning, and the origin of the symbol.

Byosen (finding negatively charged body- areas). Together with the Reiki Principles, this is one of the most important aspects of Reiki.

The Kekko Technique (Ketsueki Kokan Ho). A massage technique favoured by  Hayashi Sensei to stimulate the metabolism. Demonstration and practice.


Day 3, Shoden Part 3


Chant the Gokai and Reiju

Reiki Mawashi

Reiki Okuri (learning to perceive the flow of Reiki)

Hatsurei ho: How to make the hands sensitive. Perception- Training.

Reiki practice


Day 4, Okuden Part 1


Review of day 1-3

Chant the Gokai and Reiju

Reiki Mawashi

Reiki Okuri

Kokai Denju (from Usui Sensei’s notes)

Sei Hei Ki Chiryo Ho – Technique to use Reiki for psychological issues

Sei Hei Ki Symbol (The mental- healing symbol) the origin of the symbol, how and when to use it & explanation of its meaning.


Day 5, Okuden Part 2


Chant the Gokai and Reiju

Reiki Mawashi

Reiki Okuri

The distant- healing symbol. How and when to use it. Explanation of its meaning,  and the origin of the symbol.

Enkaku Chiryo (Distant healing)

Questions and Answers

Certificate Ceremony

Reiki practice


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About the Teacher

Mr. Amit Singh (on the right)  is the first in India to be conferred with the title of ‘Shihan’ of Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai, Japan by the world renowned Reiki teacher & author Mr. Frank Arjava Petter (on the left) – V.P. of Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute), Kyoto, Japan.



Amit is a post graduate in philosophy, a gifted sculptor having more than 18 years of experience in alternative therapies & energy medicine. He has worked successfully on many people suffering from cancer, arthritis, bones & organ disorders, depression, emotional and mental issues other life issues.


My Mission

To give Reiju or Reiki empowerments to as many people as possible and to teach Jikiden Reiki to as many people as possible in order :


To create strong and morally sound individuals thereby creating a more sound collective consciousness.

To make the world a better place to live in by empowering people to know that they are in-charge of themselves and their life situations. As human beings, they have a lot of power over their reality


Helping people to live in a medicine free society.


Teacher’s experience with  Jikiden Reiki® Healing

 ‘Jikiden Reiki®’ is an energy healing modality that i have been healing with. It has not only worked wonders for my self-healing but in treating other people in pain and suffering.


Healing with Reiki, the spiritual energy of the universe is very therapeutic. It helps to heal illnesses of physical, emotional and psychological in nature thus bringing peace of mind and happiness in life.


It rejuvenates and awakens body’s natural self healing ability giving a healing treatment a speedy recovery. Reiki treatments are not only for sick people but also for healthy people to revitalize their daily stressed life.


Reiki’s efficacy has made it recognized as an important effective alternative medicine in the world.


Jikiden Reiki® is a wonderful standalone as well as complimentary therapy. I highly recommend people to learn this original Reiki teaching i.e. ‘Jikiden Reiki ®’ as they can not only heal themselves but also their loved ones and prevent visits to doctors & hospitals effectively & also for deepening their current Reiki healing practice.


Thank you and wishing you all a very good health,


With Deep Gratitude,

Amit Singh