Mikao Usui Sensei used to say that Reiki is capable of healing every sickness & bringing us peace, abundance & good health. The practice of Reiki can repair our body by undoing blocks and purging us even of karmic imprints.


The benefits of learning Jikiden Reiki are many and cover – body, mind and spirit. It can have a significant effect on your overall health, your ability to cope with stress, your sleep patterns and your general feeling and attitude to life, all of which help you to bring more of what you want into your life. If you currently have a health concern, injury or more serious condition then being able to self-treat is a wonderful advantage as you can help yourself, every day for however long a time you are willing to devote to your body.


Jikiden Reiki can be used for minor illnesses & first aid such as coughs and colds, headaches, body aches, fever,  tummy bugs and  much more Accelerating the natural healing process, it is also very effective for injuries such as cuts, grazes and bruises and even burns.


Acute problems such as infections frequently shift easily and quickly, and even long-term sufferers of chronic diseases, body organ failures, bone related problems often find some relief from their condition.


Jikiden Reiki can also be used to deal with deeply ingrained psychological / mental / emotional issues. The Sei Heki treatment method taught in Jikiden Reiki can be a wonderful tool for personal growth.


 It gently touches every part of your being bringing about subtle shifts within you and your reality. Truly precious are the teachings of Usui Sensei, if practised regularly it can bring profound shifts in your life.


Jikiden Reiki® workshop is for anyone interested in learning to heal themselves or loved ones or for deepening their current Reiki healing practice.


What do we learn?


Jikiden Reiki has two levels (Shoden & Okuden) which are taught with traditional teachings as taught by Chujiro Hayashi Sensei (who was one of the 20 Reiki teachers / Shihans made by the founder Mikao Usui Sensei).

This workshop curriculum will include-

  • The correct history of Reiki
  • Gokai (the five principles) – when chanted in Japanese they embody mantra like quality and have healing properties.
  • How to tangibly monitor the healing process and assess improvements with great accuracy.
  • Dr. Hayashi’s version of Reiki symbols and Kotodamas (spiritual words in Japanese) and when to, where to and how to use them correctly to enhance the effectiveness of Reiki treatment.
  • Hatsurei-Ho – method to generate Reiki energy
  • Sei Heki treatment method – A very effective method to heal psychological issues, emotional issues and negative mental states such as grief, shame, guilt, anger, lack of self confidence, depression and other harmful habits and patterns thus bringing peace & harmony to the mind.
  • Enkakku Chiryo (Distant Healing Method) – it’s meaning & how it is meant to be used
  • Ketsueki Kokan Ho – technique to improve blood circulation post treatment
  • Method to heal organs and bones
  • Reiki practice to experience giving & receiving Reiki

& much more.


The study manual & certificate with beautiful calligraphy will be provided by Jikiden Reiki Institute, Japan.


Difference between Western Reiki System and Traditional Jikiden Reiki ®


Western Reiki was modified during the World War II in Hawaii and America according to the circumstances by Mrs. Hawayo Takata.   Thereafter, in the course of time, many new elements have been introduced in Western Reiki System which may or may not have much to do with the original practice.

1st Degree Jikiden Reiki ® – Shoden & 2nd Degree Jikiden Reiki ® – Okuden


Jikiden Reiki® is simple, effective & focuses on treatment of illnesses both physical & psychological.    During the treatment we learn to observe the flow of energy. The healing is concrete and tangible.


In Jikiden Reiki® you will learn to interpret feedback from the body which is very important during the treatments. The concept is known as ‘Byosen’(accumulations of toxins) and treatments are focused on parts of the body where toxins accumulate. You will learn to monitor the healing process.


You will learn a ‘Shirushi’ (Symbol) to breakdown accumulation of  toxins in the body.

 Practitioners are trained to develop sensitivity by concentrating on the sensations in their hands called “Reiji ho”.

 In Jikiden Reiki®, you do not work with set hand positions instead work directly on the problem area to get faster results when illness is already manifested.


Another important technique is “Ketsueki Kokan” (patting) which is good for the blood circulation after the treatment.


Jikiden Reiki® sets you on a spiritual path. Its emphasizes is on the following core techniques as introduced by Dr.Usui:

  • The five Reiki principles -Gokai
  • The Gassho Meditation
  • The Joshin Kokyu-Ho -breathing technique
  • The Reiji Prayer


In Jikiden Reiki®-Okuden (Middle Level) we learn how to use Reiki for psychological issues The mental- healing symbol (shirushi) & Kotodama (means mantra). How and when to use it. Explanation of its meaning, and the origin of the symbol.  How to use the symbol for physical problems (Mrs. Yamaguchi’s experience).


In Okuden Level we learn the distant- healing symbol. How and when to use it. Explanation of its meaning, and the origin of the symbol. Enkaku Chiryo (Distant healing).


Western Reiki lost much of its original Japanese roots. With Jikiden Reiki® you can now gain access to the specific Japanese cultural and spiritual roots of Reiki practice, which is important, as it makes the practice intelligible and trustworthy, and allows for deeper understanding.


Jikiden Reiki® practice ends with the beautiful & sacred blessings known as “Reiki Kokan”.


Who can learn & attend Reiki workshops?


Anyone can even children (age 5 years can be attuned into Reiki practice). All humans possess the ability to give and receive the energy from the Universe. However, this healing ability is often dormant or forgotten. In order to be blessed with this great healing energy, you need to reactivate the ability to attune yourself to the Universe.  We hold 2-3 days treatment focused workshops to facilitate the learning and practice of Reiki on self & others.


The manuals & certificates will be provided by the Jikiden Reiki® Institute, Kyoto, Japan.


Learn Jikiden Reiki ®, as taught by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi in 1930s.


“ Jikiden Reiki” stands for Reiki Teaching from the original authentic Japanese lineage. This lineage goes from Reiki Founder Mikao Usui to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (Japanese Naval Medical Officer) to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao’s mother, who learned Reiki in 1938. Because this lineage has not gone through Mrs. Hawayo Takata it lacks the Westernization of Reiki as it is taught in the Western World. You will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity.