About Me

A warm namaste to everyone. My name is Amit Singh . I was born on February 18 , 1978, in the city of Lucknow, India.

By the time I was sixteen had been suffering from a number of diseases including colitis , nephritis , bronchitis, spondylolysis and depression to name just a few. My situation got worse when the strong medication I was receiving to keep my ulcers in check started to induce hallucinations. Living my life was now a most difficult ordeal.

Reiki came to me when I needed it the most, in the beginning, I was not fully convinced that reiki would help, how could it? After all the failures, in spite of all the modern medical marvels, however, I decided to take my first ever Reiki class in the December of the year 1997.  Where I went without much hope, but an open mind, my Reiki teacher Mr. K.P. Khattri had a brilliant presence, soon after my first degree initiations , life started to change for the better, every thing I needed from then on ,simply fell into my lap , life was suddenly filled with grace and beauty, even though I was not beginning to fully recover from my own conditions I watched to my amazement as people come to the most beautiful healings through reiki. , this was encouragement enough for me to go on. I had myself begun to respond better to medicine. Soon I came in contact with the most remarkable physician I have ever known , Hakeem Mr. Safdar Nawab , (I owe a great debt of gratitude to him , and find it necessary to mention him here, for as a healer he always made me feel very humble) it was with his medication that I could now eat a normal dinner, for years before that I had been living on porridge and radish curry with chapattis. Reiki had helped me find the perfect physician, this was the beginning of my journey.

After my second degree initiations I really started to heal in a big way, I don’t wish to share much about that here,  for some of it may sound like fiction and the rest is just too sacred to share so publicly on a web site. But it was at this point I decided that teaching reiki was what I had to do for the rest of my life, my gratitude had found an expression ,and my life a path.

 But the biggest miracle had yet to manifest , I studied third degree reiki under Mrs. Kalpana singh , her touch had changed my life and the way I perceive things for ever. The morning after my third degree initiations, there was no ground under my feet, I still clearly remember having woken up to a strange but a beautiful feeling, every thing seemed some how to be connected, there was no separation, all base feelings and judgments had disappeared,  walking took absolutely no effort, it was often like floating on a cushion of air.  Every knot in the heart had opend.

This feeling of oneness lasted for about a year, during which time my consciousness opened up to learning about life, and though I no longer glide in the air I still hold fast to the lessons I learned then.

My Reiki journey has been filled with wonders, and even as I write about it now, my heart is filled with both amazement and gratitude for all that I have received and had the chance to share. I just asked myself the question, “is this really my story?” . yes it is. Comes the reply from within.

But this is just my story,  please don’t expect things to go exactly the same way with you. For no two flowers ever blossom in the same way .



Copyright(c) Amit Singh